About Us

Latin American House (formerly known as Latin American Association) was established in 1983 and is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. We aim to provide space and support for Latin Americans, Spanish and Portuguese speakers in London as well as for other communities in the local area of Kilburn where we are based.

A voluntary Management Committee, elected at the organisation's annual general meeting, runs Latin American House. The Committee meets every six weeks and is made up of Latin Americans who are committed to actively promoting the interests of the Latin American Community and Latin American culture in the United Kingdom.

The current Management Committee, elected in June 2016, is as follows:

* Enrique Sáenz (Chair)

* Patricia Román-Velazquez (Vice - Chair)

* Miguel Mercado

* Paulina Arce

* Luz Acevedo


The staff team is headed by the General Operations Manager, Stefanie Borkum.

Nursery Menchú is managed by Gabriela Glardon.


Other staff members are:

Marisel Mendoza, administration officer.

Manuel Padilla, immigration solicitor.

Swati Patani, finance and nursery administrative assistant.

Maravillas Pastor, nursery deputy coordinator.

Diana Lozano, Diana Giraldo, María José Pena and Beatriz Baldovin Solis, nursery nurses.

Carolina Navarrete Higuera, Spanish Saturday School coordinator and teacher.

Ana De la Rua, Spanish Saturday School teacher.

Ana María Olivera, Spanish Saturday School teacher.

Zenaide Bernardo de Souza and Carlos Janjacomo, cleaners.


They are all supported by an extensive team of dedicated volunteers, which is the real spirit, basis and engine of Latin American House.