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About Latin American House


Latin American House was established in 1983 and celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2018. We work for the integration, social inclusion and well-being of Latin American and other Spanish and Portuguese-speaking migrants in London, as well as communities in our local neighbourhood.

Our aims are to improve the life of Latin Americans, to provide a local Community Centre and to promote the rich diversity of Latin American cultures.

We are a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. Our services include:

Legal and Social Welfare Advice providing advice on immigration, employment and family law. In 2018 we also started a EU Settlement Scheme to support disadvantaged and at-risk Latin Americans. 

Children’s Education - This consists of our bilingual Menchú Nursery and the Spanish Saturday School.

Adult Community Learning - In partnership with local authorities, colleges and recognised education organisations, we provide practical adult education for Latin Americans and local residents.

Comunity Centre - a well-established centre where people can come for activities, information and orientation.

Culture - promoting and showcasing Latin American cultures, for people of all ages and backgrounds.

EU Settlement Scheme - Latin American House offers assistance to vulnerable Spanish and Portuguese-speaking EU citizens and their families who need help applying for temporary or permanent residence under the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS).

A voluntary Management Committee, elected at the organisation's annual general meeting, runs Latin American House. The Committee meets every six weeks and is made up of Latin Americans who are committed to actively promoting the interests of the Latin American community and Latin American culture in the United Kingdom.

The current Management Committee, is as follows:

  • Enrique Saenz
  • Miguel Mercado
  • Judith Abanto
  • Juan José Jaramillo
  • Carolina Rodriguez
  • Raul Valdivia


The staff team is headed by the director, Carlos Huascar Tapia Montes.

Menchú Nursery is managed by Gabriela Glardon.

Other staff members are

Xihomara Zentner, Cultural Coordinator

Manuel Padilla, Immigration Solicitor

Rosa Mercedes Crowley, Legal and Social Advice Casworker

Jacob Lagnado, EU Settlement Scheme Officer

Swati Patani, Finance Controller and Nursery Administrative Assistant

Diana Giraldo, Nursery Deputy Manager

Diana Lozano, Nursery Nurses.

Suzana Jodar, Nursery Nurse

Gabriela Barrionuevo, Spanish Saturday School Coordinator and Teacher.

Ernesto Rivera,  Spanish Saturday School Teacher

Jenny Tito,  Spanish Saturday School Teacher

Karina Llaneza, Spanish Saturday School Teacher.

Meherun Zaman, Lunch Time Assistant Menchu Nursery.

Zenaide Bernardo de Souza and Carlos Janjacomo.


They are all supported by an extensive team of dedicated volunteers, who are the real spirit, basis and engine of Latin American House.






Latin American House General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Privacy Notice

At Latin American House (LAH) we respect any personal data you share with us, or that we get from other organisations, and we keep it safe. We aim to be clear when we collect your data and we will not do anything with it that you would not reasonably expect.

You can contact us at any time to request access to information that LAH holds on you, correct it, delete it and/or restrict further processing of it. For legal reasons we may have to retain some records.

To find out more about how we respect your personal data, read our privacy notice GDPR_Privacy_Notice.docx.