English Classes

Come and learn or improve your English at Latin American House

English classes are an essential service offered by Latin American House to help Latin Americans and other migrants successfully settle in the UK and integrate into life in Britain.

Beginners and intermediate level classes are available and are provided with the support of Westminster Adult Education Service and Latin American House volunteer teachers.

For more information or to enrol please telephone Latin American House on 020 7372 8653 or email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


English Learning Resources

Want to learn English at home? Here are a few useful resources that can help you get started!

Youtube Channels

BBC Learning English - The BBC's official channel for learning English has a huge range of videos, including videos on pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and more! There are even videos helping you build your English skills in context, for example through news reports. 

British Council Learn English - British Council is a worldwide leader in English teaching, and their YouTube channel is full of practical videos helping you to use English in everyday conversation as well as in your professional life. If you're interested in learning English with your kids, you can also try their dedicated children's channel

Business English Pod - Looking to specifically build your English skills for the workplace? This YouTube channel has everything you need to navigate the world of work in English, with videos on finance, project management, marketing, and more. 

Easy English - Language classes are great, but nothing beats actually hearing native speakers. This channel interviews real British people on the street to ask them about a given topic, and provides the answers with subtitles so you can learn as you listen. 



Duolingo - The world's most popular language app is number 1 for a reason. Duolingo lesson are short, fun, and free. 

Learn English Grammar - This app from British Council is great for getting to grips with English's grammar. 

HelloTalk - This app connects you with native language speakers around the world so you can exchange your knowledge - you help someone with their Spanish or Portuguese, and they can help you with your English!

Memrise - A fun app focused on teaching you new words in an intuitive way.