Clarita se volvio invisible written by Graciela Montes - Argentina
De verdad que no podia written by Gabriela Keselman - Argentina
La Venganza de la Trenza"  written by Graciela Montes - Argentina
Los que ven los perros Mexican legend
 Drawings inspired by "Clarita se volvio invisible"
Latin Aerobics 30 minutes Dance Class
Specially created for the Latin American House this workout classes will help you to burn calories and have fun.
Latin American Cooking Class
Simple and detailed class with the most popular dishes from Latin America. Created by the Culture team. 
Cratfs with The Creative Club
Let Lorena & Gabriela from The Creative Club inspire you to get you and your family crafting and making some unbelieveble art!

-The Creative Club


Profesional artists and musicians in the UK tell us about their favourite music, its history, how to dance it; how this music inspired their careers and much more. Interviews with Isabel Z. In spanish.
-El San Juanito - from Ecuador with Jomhs Jaramillo director of Grupo Renacer UK.
                  "TODAS LAS MANOS" 
8 Latin American artists from their own coutries, share their culture and talents. Recorded on the 25 July  2020

Music and Dance

-Video "Stay at Home" by dance group Baila Perú

-Last Concert of Mercedes Sosa in 2006 at Rosendal de Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina