Salón Cultural


Salon Cultural Logo croppedThe Salón Cultural is a new forum hosted by Latin American House to encourage thought-provoking, critical conversations about Latin American culture in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. We were inspired by the original idea of the Salón as a social space that began in the 17th and 18th Century France and spread to Latin American where it became central to the development of ideas of democracy and freedom. By the 19th Century the Salons in Latin America, often hosted by women, played an important role in the Latin American independence movements.

We are not trying to recreate the salons of the past but we do want to open up a space for the debate of critical ideas around Latin American culture and its relationship with Europe. For this reason the discussions at the Salón Cultural at Latin American House are not lectures or seminars but are two-way conversations.

The Salón Cultural at Latin American House covers a wide range of areas from literature, the arts and cinema, to politics, philosophy and history.