Children's Education

 Welcome to Centro Infantíl Menchú - our Children's Education Project.


Our Contact Details:

Telephone: 020 7624 9398 


Services we currently offer are:

 - Menchú Nursery

A full time bilingual nursery, for 2-5yr olds, operating Monday to Friday, 48 weeks of the year. 

Menchú Nursery promotes the Spanish language in a multicultural setting. At our nursery children acquire skills, knowledge and understanding in both Spanish and English, supported by a team of qualified and experienced staff, setting a solid foundation for their future development.

 - Spanish Saturday School

Open every Saturday during school term time, for primary school aged children (5-11yrs)

Our Spanish School offers Spanish language and cultural classes for both speakers of the language as well as those wishing to study Spanish as a foriegn language.


If you are interested in any other services for Children (holidays clubs, after school clubs, baby rhyme time etc.) please do let us know. If there is sufficient demand in one of these areas we will endeavour to open new programmes for the Latin American and wider community.

Please contact us for any information or queries, or visit our Nursery or Saturday School pages.


Please see our Safeguarding policy here.