Spanish Saturday School


Enrolment is now OPEN for JANUARY 2019


Places available Teachers Age Group Time Length Cost per term Criteria
Morning Classes
Club de Ninos 24 3 R & Y1 10 – 1pm 3 hrs £216 See note 1
Club de Ninos 16 2 Year 2-3 10 – 1pm 3 hrs £216 See note 1
Advanced Spanish 12 1 Year 4-6 10 – 1pm 3 hrs £216 See note 2
Advanced Spanish 12 1 Year 7-9 10 – 1pm 3 hrs £216 See note 2
Afternoon Classes            
Language Learners 16 2 R - Y2 2 – 3.30pm 1.5 hrs £120 See note 3
Language Learners 12 1 Year 3-5 2 – 3.30pm 1.5 hrs £120 See note 3


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Term Dates 

Autumn Term: 15th Sept - 8th Dec (half term 27th Oct) 12 sessions 

Spring Term: 12th Jan - 6th April (half term 23rd Feb) 12 sessions 

Summer Term: 27th April - 20 July (half term 1st June) 12 sessions

Note 1 - Club de niños

Este club es adecuado solamente para niños de familias bilingües donde el castellano se escucha y se habla diariamente. Esperamos que al menos un padre se comprometa a hablar castellano con los niños todos los días. Las actividades son divertidas e interactivas, y están basadas en promover la cultura de América Latina. Trabajamos en diferentes proyectos y temas para los niños mayores y, para los más pequeños, canciones, juegos, arte creativo y manualidades. Las sesiones son totalmente en castellano, por lo cual se espera que los niños tengan un buen nivel de la lengua, adecuado a su edad.

This club is only suitable for children from bilingual families where Spanish is heard and spoken on a daily basis. We expect at least one parent to be committed to speaking Spanish with the children on a daily basis. Activities will be fun and interactive, and based around promoting Latin American culture. We will work on different projects and themes for the older children and, for the younger children, songs, games, arts & crafts. These sessions will be totally in Spanish and therefore a good level of Spanish will be expected, appropriate to age.



Note 2 - Curso Avanzado

Una clase avanzada para quienes hablan con fluidez, enfocada a la lectura, escritura, gramática y conversaciones sobre diferentes temas.

The class will focus on grammar, discussion and reading/writing skills and is aimed at children who are FLUENT speakers of the language. The purpose of this class is to get children to a fully proficient level where they are completely at ease with the language in any written or spoken situation.


Note 3 - Spanish Language Learners

Our language classes are specifically designed for young children who are learning Spanish as a foreign language. The classes use a variety of methods such as songs & games, and oral communication/ role play in order to learn a second language effectively. For the older children, emphasis will also be given to written work and grammar.