Spanish Saturday School



Please note - Our Spanish School is only available for primary aged children. Children must be in Reception year of school (or above) to attend. We are not registred to take younger children.

All our staff are native Spanish speakers, with experience of working with children. Full DBS checks are carried out on all staff. 

Saturday Morning Classes

Saturdays: 10am to 1pm

Cost: £234 per term

Our morning classes are aimed at children who are used to speaking Spanish at home on a daily basis

We expect at least one parent to be committed to speaking Spanish with the children on a daily basis. Activities will be fun and interactive, and based around promoting Latin American culture. We will work on different projects and themes for the older children and, for the younger children, songs, games, arts & crafts. 

These sessions are totally in Spanish and a good level of Spanish is expected, appropriate to age. Acceptance into these classes are subject to an evaluation.

 Classes available for the following age groups:

  • Reception & Y1----> CLASE PICASSO - Full!
  • Year 2-3 -------------> CLASE VELAZQUEZ - Full!
  • Year 4-6 -------------> CLASE BERNI - Spaces available

Saturday Afternoon Classes

Saturdays: 2pm - 3.30pm

Cost: £132 per term

Our afternoon classes are specifically designed for young children who are Spanish learners. The classes use a variety of methods such as songs & games, and oral communication/ role play in order to learn a second language effectively. For the older children, emphasis will also be given to written work and grammar.


  • Reception to Y2 ----> CLASE MATTA - Spaces available
  • Year 3-6   -------------> NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE - please contact us if interested

Children from Latin American families or those with previous knowledge:

  • Reception to Y2 ----> CLASE BOTERO - Full!
  • Year 3-6 --------------> CLASE KAHLO - Spaces available



Please download our application form here, and send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in order to apply for a place or join our waiting list.


Term Dates 

Autumn Term: 14th Sept 2019 - 7th Dec 2019 (half term 26th Oct) 12 sessions 

Spring Term: 11th Jan 2020 - 4th April 2020 (half term 22nd Feb) 12 sessions 

Summer Term: 25th April 2020 - 18th July 2020 (half term 30th May) 12 sessions